Installation "ABITA" @JINNAN HOUSE


Like cells being replaced

The objects/things in its place

continuously changing without completion


This exhibition will be an installation using objects, sound, photography, video, and the body, incorporating materials and processes encountered through the presentation and creation of the performance work "ABITA" at Cafe Muriwui (2020) and the video and photography work "ABITA" at Numazu (2021). Collaborators include photographer Mariko Miura, film director Mana Okamoto, and dancer Tadashi Shimada, who will continue to create the phenomena they capture throughout the three days of the exhibition.




DatesApril 22 [Fri] - April 24 [Sun], 2022

VenueHAUS STUDIO, a gallery and event space in JINNAN HOUSE (1-2-5 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041)

Opening hours11:00-19:00 (Sunday 11:00-17:00)


photoMariko Miura

filming Mana Okamoto

soundYohei Fujishiro

bodyTadashi Shimada

bodyMiwa Okuno




Organized and plannednakice 


*Artist talk (only Japanese)

Free talks with the participating artists about their activities and the current work will be shown over a three-week period.


talk Ⅰ 3/23 up >>>

talk II 3/30 up>>>

talk III 4/6 up>>> 

Artist's Profile 

Mariko Miura


Freelance photographer Born in Tokyo

She has been photographing mainly music, dance, theater, and performance art.

She has accompanied the Japan Committee for UNICEF as an official photographer on their overseas tours (Bhutan, Nigeria, South Sudan, Ukraine, Niger, West Africa). She has also photographed,”Rebirth (Voice of water)” by feeling the energy of waterfalls in Japan. In December 2020, he collaborated with the band "Today's Human" and the dancer ATSUSHI at the bottom of the sea in a no-show distribution, with photographic images of waterfalls and travel.

Author of "LIVE Yoshio Harada Photography Collection" (Little More), "Photographers Go to India" (Seikyu-sha), and "Multi Circus". Her dreamlike photo essay "Moonlight Joker: People I Met at the Circus in India" (UP Books & Magazines) is available as an e-book.


Mana Okamoto


Born in 1988.

Selected for the New Asian Senpa-Banpa section of the 2015 Yamagata Documentary Film Festival.

The film was then screened at Pole-Pole Higashi-Nakano for a month long run, followed by screenings at mini-theaters around Japan.

She has just completed her second film.


Yohei Fujishiro


Objects and Sounds

Tadashi Shimada


While studying acting, he encountered physical expression and began his dance career.

He pursues his own body based on his memories of physicality and emotions that are cloaked in daily life.

After presenting a work at the Yokohama Dance Collection in 2013, he has been creating works for the Japan-Korea Dance Exchange Project and other activities in Japan and abroad.

Currently, he continues his exploration using body, painting, and words under the title "Edgeofthecity," centered on his own existence as a phenomenon in a corner of the city.


Miwa Okuno


She started modern ballet at the age of three and began her solo career in 2009.

Focusing on bones and flesh, she has been performing in Japan and abroad based on the concept of "the body dismantled to be free”.

She received the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013, the MASDANZA Prize, and the Jury Prize at MASDANZA18 (Spain).

In 2017, she enrolled in the Graduate School of Intermedia Art at Tokyo University of the Arts to explore the context of BODY INSTALLATION, which is established between body expression/performance art/installation.

In recent years, she has participated in a theater piece by Canadian actress and director Marie Brassard, and has also join in films, continuing her exploration of expression through the body.