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ABITA@kyoto art center

photo  Yoshikazu Inoue

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Creating space, mixing poles, and dissolving boundaries" - these were the impressive words of nakice at his artist talk at Jinnan House in Shibuya in February of this year. The "ABITA" I experienced two months later at the same venue was a perfect embodiment of these words. The collection of images, sounds, bodies, and miscellaneous "objects" created a different space that is impossible to describe in words.


Makoto Ando |Director of LAND FES




ABITA" as seen through the object of a photographic camera

Starting in Numazu, Japan in 2021, the two artists spent 8 hours x 3 days together in a performance installation at JINNAN HOUSE in the spring of 2022.

nakice's water photography was arrived at through trial and error. A technique that does not treat even the precision instrument of a printer as an object to be pampered. In the water photographs that were produced, moments of intense synchronization emerged as nostalgic family scenes.

A creative passage point that has been chewed, accepted, diverged, and masticated.

Imagining the dense time that would surface in a limited time frame, it was impossible not to experience it. It will be a valuable opportunity to share something that touches the edge of the senses.


Photographer  Mabiko Miura

Date and Time

December 16 (Fri.) 19:00 Concert begins

December 17 (Sat) 19:00

December 18 (Sun.) 17:00 


VenueKyoto Art Center Auditorium (access


PerformersTadashi Shimada, Yohei Fujishiro, Miwa Okuno

LightingKana Watanabe

Stage ManagerYuyo Kobayashi

Ryusei Okada

CooperationULTRA_Sandwich #18


Organizernakice, Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto Arts Foundation)

Subsidized by ARTS for the future! 2, Agency for Cultural Affairs

Performance HP


Related program

Dancer/choreographer Pijin Tshikoh was invited as a guest for a pre-conference talk with dancers Tadashi Shimada and nakice.

A video of the talk is available on this page.


creation note

Most of the cells that make up the body are replaced after five years.

Atoms, sound, light, and gravity are all vibrating.

The frequency of sound is about 42 octaves.


The strange sensations we felt at that time may have been related to these phenomena that are invisible to our eyes but definitely occurring, and even the things we normally feel in our daily lives are based on these phenomena, or they may seem complicated but are actually very simple, or perhaps the opposite is true.

It is hard to say, but it may be possible to recall the "strange sensation I felt at that time.


We have been expressing ourselves mainly in the stage space under the name of "N///K", but in order to move to a less limited space and expression, we have changed the name to "nakice",

-We are now experimenting with how the body and things react to the things that are there, the environment of that place, and the phenomena that occur there.

This kind of experimentation continues to this day. I named it "ABITA.


ABITA" began with the performance "ABITA@cafe MURIWUI," in which objects from home were transported to other spaces and the process of creating a choreography and sound were directly transformed into a performance. (2020Soshigaya Okura)

A space where objects from home and other places are mixed together. We got a big hint and possibility to feel and react to the influences from the environment and various phenomena on the spot.

Later, we created a video work "ABITA@Numazu" (2021, Shizuoka, Japan) on the floor of a bare concrete building with no stores.

ABITA@JINNAN HOUSE" (April 2022, Shibuya),  8 hours x 3 days performance based on the keyword "things in a place keep changing without completion, just like cells changing places.

This led to the "nakice Workshop" (November 2022, Chiba), an exhibition at the Ichihara Lakeside Art Museum on the banks of Lake Takataki, where the production site was opened to the public as a related project to the "Exhibition - Hakushu: What was 'Art Camp Hakushu'?


Now, "ABITA@Kyoto Art Center" is moving toward a further form of performance through the pre-production at Studio SANDWICH (August 2022, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto) and one month of creation in the Kyoto Art Center.


Text by  nakice



Tadashi Shimada

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, currently resides in Tokyo.

Encountered physical expression while studying method acting and began his dance career. Studied under Tomohisa Suzuki.

He pursues his own style based on his memories of physicality and emotions that he has experienced in his daily life.

He calls her own existence and expression as a phenomenon in a corner of the city “Edge of the city," and explores the transition of daily life with her body as the axis.

As a performer, he participates in "ABITA" by nakice and "ageinstar" by SCLR.


Yohei Fujishiro

Objects and Sounds


Miwa Okuno

Started modern ballet at the age of 3, and began performing solo in 2009.

Focusing on bones and flesh, she has been performing in Japan and abroad based on the concept of "a body dismembered to be free.

He received the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013, the MASDANZA Prize, and the Jury Prize at MASDANZA18 (Spain).

In 2015, he enrolled in the Graduate School of Intermedia Art Expression at Tokyo University of the Arts to explore the context of BODY INSTALLATION, which is established between body expression/performance art/installation.

After creating dance works, participating in theater productions, and acquiring Pilates certification, he has recently been focusing on the essence of the "body" from the field of "dance" and delving into the possibilities of all things derived from the body.



After working with the dance company N///K led by Miwa Okuno and Yohei Fujishiro since 2014, nakice moved its base to Kyoto in 2022 and established a new organization with the aim of creating work that lies between the contexts of performance art and contemporary art. The group aims to develop works that cross the boundaries between physical and artistic expression by treating the body, artifacts, and natural objects as media.