An empty body roll under the consciousness.

The consciousness disappear abandoning the body.

And the body which is not a body is completed.




Some times, we human lost our body when we are going to evolution, also we abandon our body even if we try to protect it.



If this is the relationship with a human being and the body, maybe we are living in the time when such consciousness and body were dismantled.



Please give us a name to like this our body.

photo by Bozzo

Dance/Choreograph/Costume:Miwa Okuno
Dancer: Kiyotaka Suzuki, Kota Nagaya, Hideaki Takeuchi, Nozomi Matsuno, Miwa Okuno
Music:Yohey Fujishiro
Lighting Design: Izumi Kato 

The origin of this project is based on my interest towards the relationship of the human body and mind, since in this modern world, it seems as if our minds are always the preceder while it tends to leave behind our own physical bodies (consistence). Watching and hearing every day news about people’s death and lives, makes me feel like as if the body is always being embroiled by their master’s circumstances, and are treated like a “material”.

Intrinsically, human actions and decisions are made under agreements between the both mind and the body. But nowadays for the modern day people, it seems that the mind is always the preceder, and their bodies are facing difficulties following them, and are beginning to malfunction and collapse.

The body is a huge part of what we are, but we tend to forget to treat them the way it should be, and we sometimes leave them behind to suffer on it’s own. These habits can be said that it is an “anomaly” particular to beings like us who had evolved and developed our brains and intelligence to such levels. But as a human being and as a creator, I find this “anomaly” and the idea of the “body being treated as a material” very fascinating and intriguing. I find it so human-esque.    


While living in a world where progress is the first priority, our “bodies” of the present day society may have become a bit different from what it used to be, and originally was. And again, that is how we, and our body exists in this modern day.


So, will human beings attempt and succeed in regaining the world where people pay attention and listen to their own bodies? It is a question I will continue to harbor. 


trailer 1

trailer 2