Dance Installation  B/O/N/E〜between bone and flesh〜(2016)

Miwa Okuno's solo performance which developed a piece of B/O/N/E.

B/O/N/E (2015)


 I came across the moment where my bones and flesh got separated.


In between these two parts, there appears a “playful” space like the accelerator of the car which opens up the range

of motion for bones.

Every bone turns and twists as they please and the whole body is under the complete control of the bones.

The sound of the bones, inorganic without any emotion or reason, they carry me.


Like the butter is melted under the hot sun, the flesh gets separated from the bones and becomes free.

Time to time, it hardens and softens. Like the water, it transforms.

The voice of the flesh, with its organic emotions, it echoes out to the void from inside of me.


I wanted to focus on the relationship between the bones and the flesh for its “necessity and dissimilarity”


I just let the sound and the voice of my bones and flesh take control, then I acknowledge that they are my body. 



Dance/Choreograph/Visual: Miwa Okuno

Music: Yohey Fujishiro

Costume: Chiaki Shimizu

@Gangdong Arts Center(Seoul)