Wind and Pore   Organ and Sound

Every each pore on the surface of the body opens their eyes,

as the organs, losing its cover, disintegrates into parts and pieces.


The Inhales and the exhales becomes a threading wind flowing between those naked organs.

ChoreographyCostume designStage artMiwa Okuno

PerformanceEmi Oyama  Haruka Suzuki  Kota Nagaya  Nozomi Matsuo Ikumi Kurosu

Music CompositionYohei Fujishiro

LightingIzumi Kato

Stage managementDaijiro Kawakami

After talk guestToshiro Inaba

Main visualITO K

Promotion designMasahiro Okabe 

ProductionMarie Takimoto


Production cooperationstudio ARCHITANZ A.S.PArtist Support Program



Theatre Za Koenji2

Living everyday intimately with the body, in my case dancing and such, I often sense the energy and the power that its mechanism beholds, and I am astonished every moment I feel it. I am so astonished that I can’t help believing that there are nothing more efficient and beautiful in this world than the mechanism of a living being and the mighty nature it self. 

At the same time, I am also astonished by the day by day progress of the human technology as well.  Artificial chemicals or highly advanced technologies are made to help and to supply the human body to enable ourselves to make progress and to make our wishes come true.  We are living in a world, of endless development for to make our lives more rich and happy.


However, these technology could cause “degradation” of our own ”bodies”, and it seems to me that our own “bodies” are more aware of it more than our “minds”.

Our emotions and the “mind”. Our materials like “bodies” . These two sides are very close, but reciprocative at the same time, and I find this very fascinating.

In a world of rapid and ever developing technology, we are facing the depletion and the loss of our own physicality, and this sense of somewhat of a crisis had lead to the creation of this piece. I can hear the voices of our courageous body saying “We are still here / We can still make progress too”. 


As a dancer, I feel that these are subjects which us physical expressionists are responsible of carrying upon our shoulders and to represent and to perform for others to see.